Transportation Management Without Route Optimization And Visibility, is Like Playing Football Blindfolded


As per a PwC report, transport infrastructure investment is projected to increase at an average annual rate of more than 6% worldwide over the period: 2017 to 2025. Though spreading across modes such as roadways, railways and aviation, most logistics in this space is still unorganized. Optimus products have transformed this unorganized sector into an optimized zone through expert route analytics, predictive ETAs, vehicle tracking, and so on.

About Optimus Fleet

Optimus Fleet, a multi-functional Fleet Management Software that is compatible with all types of GPS tracking devices. Nowadays, vehicle tracking system is the most useful and powerful in a business market. So, let’s try our latest product named Optimus Fleet which plays the most important role to trace your car, bike, truck, bus etc. Apart from real-time tracking, it offers advanced functionalities such as monitoring driving behavior, multiple analytics and charts. Also, 24/7 high-quality technical support is open for all, regardless of the business is small or big, private or commercial.

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Fuel Efficiency

Optimus Fleet provides a fuel tracking system, which helps to keep track of one of your greatest fleet operating expense. With gas prices reaching all-time high, getting control over fuel costs is a critical aspect to a good fleet business. It allows you to enter fuel transactions yourself or via an electronic fuel interface. It can read the transactions produced from most fuel retailers and have those transactions mechanically calculated with each fill-up. This keeps your odometers up-to-date and drastically reduces fuel costs. This also decreases the wear and tear of vehicles and overall maintenance costs.

Boost Competence

Companies that are looking to boost their efficiency are tapping into fleet management software. This software is designed to streamline company’s management and valuation of asserts. It manages everything from workload forecasting to scheduling repair and maintenance procedures.

GPS Management

The immense features of management software also entail the use of GPS technology that is cloud or web based, and can be retrieved by any device with an internet connection. Having the ability to immediately track your vehicle location and what is wrong with the vehicle is a great feature and surprisingly a low cost one too. The software is sophisticated enough to record inattentive or distracted driver pattern. Types of reports, like speed and mileage can be accessed by device at any time. GPS fleet tracking is definitely something to look into, simple to use and allow you to be in touch with your fleet literally 24/7 from anywhere.

Manage Transportation

This software helps business or an organization to successfully manage its logistics supply chain; helping in scheduling payment, dealing out loss and damage claims. This management software aims in the effective utilization of vehicular asserts used for transportation purposes. It identifies areas where the vehicles can be utilized efficiently without spending much time and money. Since, it identifies the shortest route, that is why it results in reduction of fuel consumption, and improves fleet management and its use.

Improves Customers Satisfaction

An imperative reason why businesses invest in the management software is the desire to improve the customer experience through better response times. Feature-rich software gives customers the accurate time of arrival and tracks the vehicle’s location in real time. Customers find this very convenient as they know exactly when the vehicle is arriving. The use of Optimus Fleet makes the employees and technicians of a company much more productive. This in turn saves time, efforts and money. The software becomes automatically safer and secure with integrated technologies of fleet management and make the drivers more skilled and experienced