Our On-Demand delivery management software works like a charm if you are interested in “Uberification” of your logistics or your on-demand delivery services. When it comes to express deliveries, customers expect your service to perform on time, every single minute. Real time delivery associate tracking and constant visibility allows you to meet such SLAs with confidence. On-demand delivery automation is primarily dependent on real-time location based allocation technology, where the nearest available resource is automatically assigned the task based on customer proximity, distance, required delivery time slots, and other such parameters. Not only allocation - our delivery associate planning app is followed by actual tracking which leads to seamless, immediate integration with tasks such as pay-outs and customer invoicing, based on kilometers traveled, time taken and service level achieved.

Real-Time on Demand Pick-up & Delivery Alerts
Real-time tracking on a map interface, which can be shared through secure links or push notification APIs.

Delivery Automation
Automated delivery allocation, ETA calculation, and actual distance calculation based on customer location and delivery vehicle location.

Automated Optimization
Plans and optimizes routes and capacity for all distribution models, including Multiple Pick Up-Single Drop and Multiple Pick Up-Multiple Drop Algorithms.

Delivery Fleet Optimization
Consolidation of deliveries based on location and capacity to increase on demand delivery fleet efficiency.

Route Planning Visualization
App allows client to visually compare planned route against actual route on a map interface and identify bottlenecks.

Advanced Geocoding
World’s most accurate and diverse geo-coding engine with multiple map-data and geocoding partners, that works across 140+ countries.

Heat Map Analysis
Heat map analysis of customer locations and delivery vehicle density.

Cash and E-POD Management
Cash and card management (COD) at point of sale, electronic proof of delivery as image, signature, timestamp, and geo-coordinates

Real-Time Delay Planning
Real-time planning allows you to identify delays and take quick remedial actions.

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