Innovations to create
new revenue streams

Innovations to create new revenue streams

The convergence of mobility, internet and analytics is giving logistics a tech makeover. This is ushering in a new era for logistics ecosystems, making them more dynamic and complex. On the other hand, the digital age and rise in customer expectations is also pushing businesses to build innovative delivery models, better opportunities and create new revenues. Optimus enables enterprises to build logistics applications with a simple drag and drop feature, reducing time to build new logistic delivery processes from quarter(s) to week(s) including testing and scaling. Enterprises can easily build new revenue streams by providing latest offerings.

Enabling Digital Logistics

OptimusFirstmile & OptimusLastmile

In order to enable logistics companies to keep up pace with the boom in e-Commerce, Optimus launched its flagship product- OptimusFirstmile & OptimusLastmile. The cloud-based application lets local stores book, manage, and track parcels on behalf of logistics firms and their end customers. With OptimusFirstmile & OptimusLastmile, logistics companies benefit from real-time visibility and up-to-the-minute data about their parcel dispatch and delivery processes, and end customers benefit from more delivery choices, as well as event alerts and notifications. It also allows online shoppers to have the option to change their delivery preferences from, say, a home delivery to a parcel store pick up even after the order has been placed, making the service incredibly flexible.


Reverse logistics is complex and cost intensive. With Optimus logistics managers can easily cost optimize and increase the efficiency of the return pickups without any additional process configuration or manpower deployment.