Consumer packaged goods are increasingly moving to digital shelves.

About CPG

CPG shippers are competing in an era of Direct Store Delivery which essentially means delivering product from a supplier/distributor directly to a retail store.

Consumer expectations are in turn leading to strict demands by retailers, which makes last mile delivery a concern area for CPG manufacturers.

In order to keep customers happy the retailer wants to maintain ‘digital’ shelves which are stocked as and when needed, without any delay or wait-time. Thus, they allow narrow delivery windows to the shippers.

Reduce Re-stock Time | 100% Operational Visibility | On-time Delivery | Reduced Costs

Optimus’s intelligent delivery operations platform lets your customers place an order and maintain well-stocked shelves as soon as they predict demand. Seamless delivery experience with zero-error ETAs giving your customers the much-needed agility.

Our digital logistics platform streamlines your deliveries and increases your Delivery Happiness Score with complete real-time visibility. All this and more - ensuring operational efficiency at reduced cost.

Merchants get an intuitive web & mobile application and real-time visibility with uber-like tracking.

Retailers are moving toads leaner inventories and their demands like shorter order cycle time, delivery of shelf ready products and better forecasting informationare changing the game.

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Improved bottom-line

The satisfication of the customer brings you the more new customer as well as the repetitive customers. It takes an impact on your sales.

Reduced delivery cost

Optimus reduces the cost for shippment by reducing the minds involved in one shippment. Optimus saves you the lots of time when it comes to analytics and billing.

Seamless integrations

Optimus tracks your shippment and updates the dashboard seamlessly and tiredlessly. So that, Consumers would know the exact tracking data for their shippment.

Superior customer experience

Optimus tracks and gives it to you as well as to the customer also. It avoids the chaos between the you and customer by reatively asking the statuses over phone.

Receive email notifications

Reduce “where’s my package?” calls to your mail room staff. Send email notifications to recipients once a package has been scanned.

Cloud-based solution

Experience the convenience of a cloud-based solution and eliminate IT costs and delays.