Improve operational efficiency

The annual growth rate for online shopping is expected to remain at 10% to 15% over the next 10 years, influencing the way logistics providers, retailers and e-retailers make deliveries. As the ‘speed of doing business’ increases, there is a pressing need to improve operational efficiency and make deliveries as seamless, quick, accurate and cost-effective as possible.

The global e-Commerce logistics market is expected to grow at a CAGR of approximately 10% by 2020. Reduce in manual work, using historical data to learn routes and empowering the managers with other insights helping them make smarter decisions, are among the few benefits that these solutions offer.

Digitalizing Parcel Logistics


Dashboards are critical for any business because if you cannot measure it, you cannot win it. Our Intuitive and analytical dashboard gives you data backed insights and is completely customizable. Configure tasks, statuses and all important KPI’s for tracking. Monitor delayed orders, average transit time, average backlogs – everything that is important for your brand to deliver on time.

Mapping the chain of custody

At no point in the order fulfilment cycle can you afford to lose the visibility of the parcel. With a simple click, track your parcels as they leave their source, through various sorting facilities and pass the hands of couriers along the way until it reaches the customer. Mapping the chain of custody back to the last known checkpoint helps in identifying the error spots and avert future mistakes.

Alerts & Notifications

Reduce “where’s my package?” calls to your mail room staff. Send email notifications to recipients once a package has been scanned.

Digital proof of delivery

Enable smoother day-to-day operations and get real-time visibility with the digital proof of delivery feature. Every transaction including successful delivery, customer rating & feedback, the reason for failed attempts is updated on the servers, real-time. As soon the data is fed on Optimus mobile dashboard, the manager can see the status of each and every job, in real-time.

Digital proof of delivery saves time, prevents errors in reporting and reduces carbon footprints.