Optimus LastMile

A Highly Configurable Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management Software, Optimus LastMilebis The Most Ideal Solution Which Offers Automated Delivery Route Planning & Route Optimization, Automated Real Time Resource Allocation, Cash and Proof of Delivery, Delivery Associate Management, and Real Time Tracking, All This in One Power Packed Last Mile Delivery and Dispatch Management Software Solution.
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Real-Time Tracking
Real-time last mile tracking on a map interface, which can be shared through secure links or push notification APIs

Hardware Agnostic Platform
Our last mile delivery app is hardware independent and has negligible impact on battery life.

Automated Planning & Optimisation
Resource capacity, delivery route planning and route optimization software for all distribution models including single pick up-multiple drop and multiple pick up-multiple drop algorithms.

Real-Time ETA Calculation

Real-time re-routing, delivery route optimization, and updated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) based on change in conditions.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Cash and card management (COD) at point of sale, electronic proof of delivery as image, signature, timestamp and geo-coordinates.

Whatsapp and Telegram chat app integration

Get the package movement status into customer whatsapp/ Telegram Chat App.

Interactive Planning Dashboard
Interactive dashboards to analyze entire delivery network using heat maps, trend lines and planned vs actual SLA comparisons.

Dynamic Re-routing
Algorithm considers various parameters including resource capacity, customer locations, and time preferences, traffic and weather conditions.

Delivery Route Planning Visualization
Our last mile delivery app allows clients to visually compare planned route against actual route on a map interface and identify bottlenecks.


Our highly configurable enterprise logistics management software solutions are designed to serve all client needs using smart technology and big data analytics enabling comprehensive field service management. Optimus’s LastMile, Field, Feet, On Demand™, and Reverse™ logistics and field workforce management solutions are automated, effective, secure and can be seamlessly integrated with multiple platforms providing complete logistics automation.

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Hot Pluggable Delivery Centers :
Optimus entire Delivery Center can be configured and plugged into the live network with great ease and made it live.

Central Monitoring and Control Tower : End To End Supply Chain Visibility
Optimus Predictive Supply Chain Control Tower transforms logistics management from a reactive, firefighting approach to an automated, proactive one. Seamlessly integrated across all transport legs, the predictive control tower gives you a bird’s eye view over all operations in real time.

seller has compete visibility into the movement of the packages, gets to know the pulse of delivery and business, can do bulk bookings.


The Webhook API allows your application to stay informed about events of interest on the Optimus platform, in near real-time.Optimus provides Webhooks for knowing Package Status, Bulk uploading of the pickups etc..