Ensure error-free intelligent deliveries

86% of consumers consider delivery to be part of their online shopping experience, making deliveries a primary area for businesses to enliven and customize shopping experience for customers.

Maximise your deliveries and minimize your costs. Turn delivery from more than just a touchpoint with the customer to an extension of your brand experience, making the rider your brand representative.

Digitalizing Parcel Logistics

Intelligent Dispatch

Intelligently dispatch daily orders taking into consideration capacity optimization, load balancing and prioritizing time-specific orders.

Auto Assignment

Automatically assigns orders as and when they arise to the best suitable rider for the job and develop route plans that meet the delivery objectives at minimal cost or mileage.

Route Monitoring

The Route of the deliverers monitored by the OptimusRover with seamless integrations. OptimusRover will give you the overall idea of the Deliverer's day to day activities.

Live Tracking

Monitor fleet movement live on a map.Gain real-time visibility of multiple riders, identify route deviations or any other business exceptions and take time-sensitive actions. See active users, current tasks and key metrics like status of the packages,delivered and returned across the entire dataset, or for specific cities or branches. Visualize the movement of the users through the entire day and see actions performed with timestamps.