Improve operational efficiency

Riders are the backbone of your business. Empower them and make them super-efficient with a quick and easy to use app. With the increase in the volume of deliveries and issues like urban congestion, inability to locate addresses, demand of same day delivery- drivers need applications with high functionality and exceptional performance.

Enabling Digital Logistics

Auto Assignment

Automatically assigns orders as and when they arise to the best suitable rider for the job and develop route plans that meet the delivery objectives at minimal cost or mileage.

Deliver with precision

Get accurate, real-time package status throughout your enterprise allowing everyone to spend less time on manual handling and searches.

Alerts & Notifications

Reduce “where’s my package?” calls to your mail room staff. Send email notifications to recipients once a package has been scanned.

Digital proof of delivery

Enable smoother day-to-day operations and get real-time visibility with the digital proof of delivery feature. Every transaction including successful delivery, customer rating & feedback, the reason for failed attempts is updated on the servers, real-time. As soon the data is fed on Optimus mobile dashboard, the manager can see the status of each and every job, in real-time.

Digital proof of delivery saves time, prevents errors in reporting and reduces carbon footprints.