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About Food Delivery

Food shipments are often critical and require a higher level of care and may be subject to legal restrictions. Optimus can help take the stress out of shipping. We’ll help you figure out how to ship food, help you get shipping rates from transporters, and give you some tips along the way. If you steer off course, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you get back on the road.

Many restaurants do not have a composite system in place that identifies and gratifies customer requests instantly. Though the currently available systems can grab orders but very often the orders get cancelled or delayed. Optimus On-Demand solution ensures that every received order gets accepted and catered in minimum time with least logistics cost.


Get your food shipped in just three easy steps!


Consider your timeframe and the pick up and delivery locations for your food transport. Make sure you’re ready with your food shipment details and weight, as well as information on how it will be package, and any refrigeration needs. Be as detailed a possible during this step to ensure you get the best food transport rates. Also know what kind of services your shipment needs. It is especially important to maintain a proper environment when shipping food in order for it to arrive at its destination in good condition and in compliance with food safety guidelines.


After your shipment listing is complete,you can assign the shippment to your own/partner food delivery company. Optimus will provide all the technical aspects to manage the delivery of the shippment. Optimus reduces the difficulty in tracking the shippment, Product leakage and Filed data analytics. With Optimus just pack and handover to Deliverer, Optimus will take care the rest of the things.


For these types of shipments, communication with your carrier is critical in order for it to arrive on time and in good condition. Optimus gives you the real time tracking of the Deliverers who are all on the road and what they are shipping and where they are shipping. It will gives the overall idea about the shippments and Deliverers. So you can manage your/partner's Deliverers with tap on your phone/web.

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Improved bottom-line

The satisfication of the customer brings you the more new customer as well as the repetitive customers. It takes an impact on your sales.

Reduced delivery cost

Optimus reduces the cost for shippment by reducing the minds involved in one shippment. Optimus saves you the lots of time when it comes to analytics and billing.

Seamless integrations

Optimus tracks your shippment and updates the dashboard seamlessly and tiredlessly. So that, Consumers would know the exact tracking data for their shippment.

Superior customer experience

Optimus tracks and gives it to you as well as to the customer also. It avoids the chaos between the you and customer by reatively asking the statuses over phone.

Cloud-based solution

Experience the convenience of a cloud-based solution and eliminate IT costs and delays.