REVERSE™ MOST ADVANCED REVERSE DELIVERY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Optimus Reverse™ is the leading-edge reverse delivery management software which caters to the reverse leg of logistics, especially in e-commerce logistics, where shipments are picked from customer locations and transported to the hub for aggregation. Optimus’s reverse delivery management software not only provides automated optimization for capacity and route planning in first mile, but also covers all scenarios for return-to-merchant (RTM) and return-to-origin (RTO) cases. Clustering of reverse pick-ups with last mile deliveries helps in a high degree of resource optimization.

Reverse Delivery Allocation
Allocate requests from CRM to Field-executives in real-time and reduce reverse pick-up time commitment.

ON Field Management
On field trip, case and invoice creation from delivery associate mobile application; Mobile POS using Bluetooth based barcode reader and thermal printer.

RTO & RTM Delivery Management
Return-to-origin (RTO) and Return-to-merchant (RTM) support for every shipment in reverse flow, with real time reverse shipment tracking.

Automated Optimization
Plans and optimizes routes and capacity for all distribution models, including Multiple Pick Up-Single Drop and Multiple Pick Up-Multiple Drop Algorithms.

Advanced Dashboard
Fully configurable and customizable dashboards for individual stakeholders based on access levels to measure and analyze service levels in real-time.

Seamless Integration
Light and quick integration with SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce or in-house ERP, OMS, and CRM systems using open APIs.

Advanced Geocoding
World’s most accurate and diverse geo-coding engine with multiple map-data and geocoding partners, that works across 140+ countries.

Route Planning Visualization
Visually compare planned route against the actual route followed on a map interface and easily identify the bottlenecks.

Heat Map Analysis
Heat map analysis of customer locations and delivery vehicle density.

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