Fleet management system for the new age with a clear focus on getting the most out of our transportation management software, Optimus FLEET™ is the answer to all shipment tracking bottlenecks. GPS vehicle tracking feeding information into our self-learning algorithms enables you to channelize your line FLEET trucks and shipments through our route optimization processes to save resource time and fuel costs. Any normal transportation management software can help you identify your line FLEET truck capacity, however Optimus FLEET™ automates shipment assignments optimizing resource utilization with end-to-end GPS vehicle tracking to increase supply chain efficiency.
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Route Planning and Optimization
Utilize the GPS vehicle tracking to plan your line haul trucks with optimal resource utilization and route optimization to get the most out of your transport management system.

Real-Time Fleet Tracking and ETA Calculation
Enhance your logistics planning with smart geo-fencing around origin, destination, and in-transit hubs within our transportation management software enabling extreme precision in hub-in/hub-out reports, ETA calculation, and real-time GPS vehicle tracking.

Real-Time Delivery Reports
Manage your long haul logistics system with real-time shipment tracking updates and timely delivery optimization reports. Control tower setups with zone wise comprehensive reports help you identify bottlenecks with our fleet management system.

Historical Shipment Tracking System Analysis
Analyze historical trends with unlimited storage within the shipment tracking system while integrating fleet management system data into your financial systems using our transportation management software.

Seamless Enterprise Software Integration
Integrate our fleet management system quickly and seamlessly with your enterprise software such as SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce, or any in-house Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Operations Management System (ORM), or Customer Relations Management (CRM) using our open APIs.

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Transport Schedule Management
Optimize the schedule of your line haul trucks, vehicles, and shipment tracking system with real-time route planning incorporating traffic, climate, and other external influencers within our fleet management system.

Trend Analysis with Visual Data Representation
Optimize your logistics planning with our comprehensive trend analysis with visual data representation for easy inferencing through our transportation management software.

Warehouse Management with Real-Time Shipment Tracking
Manage your resources at your warehouse with our hub load analysis generated through real-time shipment tracking and delivery status updates within our fleet management system.